New Release: LAC6.0.0.5 for F&O and LAC6.0.0.5 for CE and LAC are now available on the KB

We are happy to announce that our new range of connectors are available on the KB.

We are releasing our new connector for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, as well as our new connector for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation, for both on-premise and cloud.

Please note that the LAC6 series requires Lasernet 9.


The connectors are available from our KB:




LAC365FO :


Release Notes:

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Good day, Luke.

When publishing your latest connectors, could you also provide the D365 version and platform update that is compatible with the latest connector?  Thank you!

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Hi Luke, Hi Kim, is this release compatibel with new version 10.0.4 PU 28? As Gary wrote, this Information is Necessaire. Thanks a lot Ina

Hi Ina and Gary,

Thanks for you replies to our release!

For Lasernet connector compatibility see below article, it's always updated:

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