Microsoft Configurable Documents - Overview

Formpipe are aware of the forthcoming release of Dynamics and their offering of Configurable Documents.

As a prioritised partner of Microsoft we have direct contact and are able to see early releases of the solution. Using this and also doing investigation based on videos and limited material available – because Microsoft cannot yet show the system – we have listed below some of the main areas of consideration when looking at Lasernet and Configurable Documents. We are clear that configurable documents and using Word as a design tool may have its place in certain industries and size of customers however in the field of output management there is a lot more than simply adding a logo to a template. This is where 30 years of experience and our dedicated product Lasernet is clearly adding exceptional value to Dynamics.

  • Formpipes knowledge and experience in this field is already offering 3000 clients around the world the solution they need. Coupled with this a dedicated team of support and delivery experts in the field of Output Management who are on hand to help with best practice and new solutions that may be needed sets Formpipe & Lasernet a long way ahead of the Microsoft Configurable Documents.

  • Lasernet has been developed and is dedicated to the field of output management. Using word as a design tool is not going to cover the needs of clients – especially when the documents and email communication are the “brand” of the company that is sent out as this is normally one of the main communications with customers and suppliers.

  • Lasernet already offers advanced scaling and failover features that are essential in the world of 24/7 business - this is not offered by Microsoft Configurable Documents

  • Using Lasernet, the adding of the data and creation of a new report-design doesn’t require a ‘Systems Implementer’ (developer)

  • Simple functions that are standard for Lasernet such as different layouts per page that are needed for all clients is not possible with Word as designer

  • Where customers have more complex requirements for dynamic designs with Microsoft it looks like it is requiring a developer to add a new design with the ‘Microsoft Configurable Business Documents’ – this is not the case with Lasernet

  • Adding watermarks is a simple core feature of Lasernet and is not offered by Microsoft Configurable Documents.

  • More and more we are seeing that customers want to add pictures/images – especially at line-level - this is easily achievable with Lasernet but could not be done with Microsoft word.

  • Lasernet allows you to select a destination (pre-defined destinations) – Including the option to predefine a default printer (pr. User, pr. Report etc.)

  • Archive and resend from archive – There are no archive options with ‘Microsoft Configurable Business Documents’

  • Configuration of the Microsoft solution requires a ‘System implementer’

  • Another major feature that all customers need is the generation and printing of barcodes/labels (like the warehouse labels). With years of experience in the complex world of labels / barcoding and couple this with driving thermal printers you are safe in the knowledge that Lasernet has proven technology.

  • Lasernet provides the option to create brand new reports on the fly

  • Lasernet is not only F&O but also offers integration with D365CE. Equally customers use Lasernet as their core solution for all their output and communication needs no mater what system they have.

  • Performance is a key topic on all implementations and using word as the process engine is not going to give the same performance as a dedicated product. Couple this with SharePoint as the back end Lasernet removes and answers all these questions / problems

All the above are simply a short list of all the differences between the solutions. Formpipe will continue to monitor and work with Microsoft to ensure that the leading solution for output management with Dynamics remains this way.

If you have any further questions or need more information then please contact your sales representative