Lasernet 9.7 Final

Lasernet 9.7 Final is available for download. 

What's new in this version:

PDF Filler and Flattern

A new output format in the Lasernet Form Editor and a new modifier in the PDF Tool package, to merge meta data with PDF filler fields designed in Adobe Acrobat.

Long-Term Archive module

New output module to archive documents in Long-Term Archive by Formpipe used a system for preservation of digital information over time.

Job to XML modifier

New module in the XML package to convert system JobInfos into a Job that will contain an XML structure.

Connect client apps to server via Hybrid Connection

Set up Azure Hybrid Connection to connect Lasernet Meta, Lasernet Client and Lasernet OCR with Lasernet Server.

New docker window for Patterns

Select View -> Patterns to dock the Patterns Editor, with connected objects, in a new non-modal docker window. With the non-modal Patterns Editor you can still work with other docked windows, with rearranges, add new patterns and continue to navigate in your form design.

Bug fixes and minor improvements

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