Lasernet 9.8 Final

Release notes Lasernet 9.8 Hotfix 6

Release date: 24-04-2020

Outlook Mail

  • Fix for UTF-8 issue in mail properties

Release notes Lasernet 9.8 Hotfix 5

Release date: 07-04-2020

Lasernet Server

  • Fixed a queue combiner issue caused by a exception in the database (was not solved by upgrading to hotfix 4)
  • Fixed the server could not retrieve a new patch/deploy if the connection string to the existing SQL database was invalid

Lasernet Form Engine

  • Fixed a crash in Form Engine/Service caused by overlays loaded from script with overwrite parameter set to true

Lasernet OCR Editor

  • Fix for not always showing the docker windows for the properties settings after an upgrade
  • Fix for language being set repeatively when Dictionary is disabled
  • Fix in Wizard not starting with OCR Field, when selecting a header/footer field in Coverage list
  • Added support for multi-line edit of text for Criterion and OCR Field
  • Fix for searching backward for OCR fields, when having a body area
  • Do not scroll to position when resizing field
  • Fixed that Output XML did not took greed into account for data fields linked to search fields
  • Fix for error "Unable to cast object of type" in property editor when moving from multi line editor of Search Field to Criterion value

Lasernet OCR Engine

  • Current Job is now used during validation, from script, enabling support for a range of system scripts from the job class

Outlook Mail

  • Added support for shared mailboxes in input module

PDF Engine

  • Fixed PDF/A validation error in XML metadata CreatorTool

XML Signer

  • Fixed 'Module Not Found' when adding XML Signer in diagram mode

Release notes Lasernet 9.8 Hotfix 4

Release date: 17-03-2020

Lasernet Configuration Server

  • Opmitized speed in the Configuration Database to prevent a time-out in Lasernet Developer caused by many commits and large history

Lasernet Server

  • Fixed a queue combiner issue caused by a exception in the database

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed a rare crash in Form Engine in sheets with many rearranges with criteria
  • Fixed a rare issue when painting shapes assigned to in instance qualifier in a region
  • Fixed an issue in the Grab JobInfos dialog writing values right to left instead of left to right when adding a new JobInfo
  • Fixed disappearing text on the background bitmap when rendering transparent images

Lasernet License Manager

  • Don't show 'Config SQL Server' button when LnConfig isn't installed (clicking it could cause a crash)
  • Prevent that licenses containing a lot of modules may exceed the maximum transfer size of the License Manager (future fix)

Lasernet SQL Editor

  • Fix for asking about local/embedded connection when adding a new database connection

Outlook Mail

  • Fix for critical issue reading more than 10 emails in one poll
  • Fixed an error in log when sending email successfully due to Microsoft changing response content-type

PDF Engine

  • Fixed disappearing text on the background bitmap when rendering transparent images

Release notes Lasernet 9.8 Hotfix 3

Release date: 29-02-2020

Lasernet Server, Developer and Client apps

  • Fixed a critical issue preventing Lasernet Server, Developer and Clients to run on a leap day

Release notes Lasernet 9.8 Hotfix 2

Release date: 18-02-2020

Lasernet Developer

  • Fixed a crash caused by in-place editing (F2) in module objects

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed an issue with duplication of the form containing the a sheet
  • Fixed an invalid behavior for in-place editing (F2) of merged rearranges

Lasernet Engine

  • Fixed a critical service crash caused by an extreme usage of memory in Lasernet Form Engine version 9.6, 9.7 or 9.8, when processing large spool jobs (1.000 pages or more) with TEXT as input format 

Lasernet OCR

  • Fixed a crash when selecting an object in OCR Form without having a temporary stored copy of the PDF document

Lasernet EMF Printer Driver

  • Fixed a crash in printer driver when processing a printer escape code

Release notes Lasernet 9.8 Hotfix 1

Release date: 10-02-2020

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed a crash when adding a new pattern to form created in Lasernet 7 with a corrupted pattern

Lasernet Client

  • Fixed an issue preventing the application to start

Lasernet OCR

  • Fixed an issue preventing the application to start because of a missing folder in the installation package
  • Fixed an issue when adding new fields to the OCR Engine

Outlook Mail

  • Fixed an issue causing the service to crash if a path was added to the Process Mail Folder property

Release notes Lasernet 9.8

Release date: 31-01-2020

Lasernet Input Management

Improved usability and several new features are added to the Lasernet OCR Editor.

  1. When a document is loaded the document is analyzed an auto detect of the language labels will run. Number and date formats formatting for the specific country are detected and will the help the user to convert the incoming format to a readable number and date format for the OCR Engine and workflow systems 
  2. Object boxes, assigned to OCR Form, are now visible in the PDF preview window. For this to be enabled, PDF to Text must have the Extract Metadata feature enabled.
  3. Property settings are moved from ribbon bar to a new docker window, which is always visible.

  1. New setting in Options to turn Auto detect language on/off
  2. New setting in Option to Auto run Understand functionality when a new document is loaded in the Lasernet OCR Editor. It activates the auto selection of objects, based on Dictionary rules, for the specific language if available and activated in the settings of the OCR Engine

  1. The Set Zone property includes new values, Row Start and Row End, to specify an even more accurate search zone

  1. Set values for Header Size and Footer Size to remove selected header and footer area for middle pages in document.

  1. In the properties of the OCR Engine a new property called Item Type is used to assign an OCR Field to an Item Line
  2. Assign each OCR Field, that appears in the Item Lines, to an Item Type created in the Lines tabs
  3. The feature is used to improve the usability of the wizard in the Lasernet OCR Editor. When an OCR Field is selected in the Coverage list, which is assigned to an Item Type...
  4. ... the Wizard will select the Mark or Select Data Field button as the first action in the Wizard list and less clicks are required to create OCR Fields assigned to Item Lines

HTTPS support with server certificate

SSL encryption with a server certificate are now supported for the following applications:

Lasernet Server -> Client

Activate HTTPS and select a certificate for the local machine (server) to set up SSL between Lasernet Server and Lasernet Client. The settings are located in the Server/Client connection.

Activate HTTPS in Options -> Client tab for Lasernet Client.

Lasernet OCR Engine -> Editor

Activate HTTPS and select a certificate for the local machine (server) to set up SSL between Lasernet OCR Engine and Lasernet OCR Editor. The settings are located in the connection settings of the OCR Engine.

Activate HTTPS in Options -> OCR tab for Lasernet Client or Lasernet OCR Editor.

Lasernet OCR Dictionary

Activate HTTPS and select a certificate for the local machine (server) to set up SSL between Lasernet Dictionary Service and Lasernet OCR Engine. The settings are available when adding a new Dictionary service in the Lasernet License Manager.

Lasernet Meta

Activate HTTPS and select a certificate for the local machine (server) to set up SSL between Lasernet Meta Input module and Lasernet Meta Client. The settings are available in the connection settings of the Lasernet Meta Input module

Activate HTTPS in Queue -> Settings tab for Lasernet Meta.

Lasernet Developer

Copy Binary JobInfo

Added support for binary copy of JobInfos in JobInfo dialog.



Lasernet Form Editor and Engine

Open Template for Dataset

Support for importing a Dataset, created by Lasernet, as a template in sheets with Dataset as output format.

XML, JSON and EDI Subforms

Besides adding EMF Subforms, introduced in Lasernet 9.0, to the output of one of the enhanced metafile formats, you can now also create global or local subforms for such output formats as XML, JSON and EDI for any of the supported input formats.

Detailed information about XML, JSON and EDI Subforms is available in the Lasernet Form Editor manual.

Bug fixes and minor improvements

Lasernet Configuration Server

  • Fixed that servers, incorrectly added with a "/" character, could not be removed

Lasernet Developer
  • Known issues fixed when migrating older configurations to Lasernet 9
  • Fix for copy/paste using UTF-8 in names for inline scripts
  • Fix for toggle show of inactive forms in thumbnail mode
  • Grab files is as default no more selected when committing objects
  • A warning will no longer appear in the deployment dialog about none-committed grab files
  • Added export of objects + files support from specific revision to history dialog
  • Added Security Profiles support including criteria for Security Roles

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Support for setting Master JobInfos, which are enherited to other sheets, in JobInfo dialog
  • Support for SVG files as image format. The SVG files will be rendered as bitmap and not vector graphics
  • Rich Text Editor: Added support for embedding fonts and creating smaller PDF documents
  • Rich Text Editor: Fixed that hyperlinks in PDF documents were not underlined when added to a text box
  • Rich Text Editor: The "New window" setting for hyperlinks in RichText/PDF did not work in HTML browsers
  • Rich Text Editor: Some fonts in PDF and DOCX output were emphasizing differently
  • Hyperlink in RichText - PDF New window settings not working from browsers
  • Added the ability to deactivate a tag path (XPath & JPath) already assigned to a XML & JSON Rearrange
  • Fixed a fonts width issue for monospace fonts
  • Hyperlink in RichText - PDF New window settings not working from browsers
  • Support for the EDI DESADV format with CPS section (Consignment Packing Sequence) on line level
  • The expression evaluator evaluation for form criteria returned a wrong result for specific cases
  • New setting in Page Setup to activate JobInfos for PaperWidth, PaperHeight and Orientation
  • Copy/paste of global subforms objects in sheets does no create a new instance of the object anymore, but will inherit the settings from the original subform object
  • Fixed an issue where text could be missing in overlays after migration for older version
  • Added support for absolute paths as a part of the file name when inserting images from SharePoint
  • Added a new setting to set "Maximum value lenght" of characters for a Rearrange in the Rearrange -> Formats tab

Lasernet XML Transformer
  •  The XPath for an XML Transformer form criterion was not handled as expected for XML attributes

Lasernet OCR Editor

  • Fixed that the relative position for a Data Field was not always in the expected position after moving a connected OCR Field to a new position
  • Support for toggle (Shift-left mouse click) between OCR Criteria and OCR Field added to the same position
  • Support for delete Exception assigned to a Data Field in the body

Lasernet OCR Engine

  • Memory optimized for load of OCR Forms

Azure Storage

  • Fixed an issue that could return an error incorrectly informing that the specified blob did not exist. Fixed by always handling a blob path as relative

Compression module + FTP Input

  • JobInfo extension for filename did not added the same value syntax as for similar modules. Added missing '.' to Extension JobInfo

Database commands

  • Fixed that insert command did not work as expected for Oracle databases

Outlook Mail

  • Fixed that attachments in rare scenarios would wrongly include contents from JobData instead of MailAttachment

Printer Profiles

  • Fix for default selection not being retained

TIFF Module

  • Added support for converting PDF to TIFF. Input data are detected via magic bytes and does not require any additional settings to convert PDF to TIFF or EMF to PDF

XML Validator

  • Added support for Schematron validation using XSLT in the XML Validator engine and modifier. A schematron error is reported to a modifier error message. The XML Validator engine will fail the job, the modifier won't.

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