Lasernet 8.16 + 8.17 + 8.18 Final

Release notes Lasernet 8.18

Release date: 17-10-2020

Mail Input

  • Added support for moving of an incoming email to a processed folder for IMAP
  • Added logging for checking Mailbox for new items via IMAP and POP3

Outlook Mail

  • Changed prompt from consent to login
  • Added support for reading of signed emails
  • Added retaining of refresh tokens obtained during processing, allowing restart of service, and patch/deploy of revisions with older refresh tokens
  • Fix for error polling mails in other folders than Inbox in Shared Mailbox
  • Support for incomming emails that contains a null character in email subject instead of an empty string
  • Fixed a service stop if the connection to could attemp to fail because of a time-out

Release notes Lasernet 8.17 Hotfix 2

Release date: 24-04-2020

Outlook Mail

  • Fix for UTF-8 issue in mail properties

Release notes Lasernet 8.17 Hotfix 1

Release date: 25-03-2020

Outlook Mail

  • Fix for critical issue reading more than 10 emails in one poll

Release notes Lasernet 8.17

Release date: 10-02-2020

Outlook Mail

Outlook Mail is a new module in the communication package that integrates directly with Office 365 to retrieve and send emails via the Microsoft Graph API. It is an alternative to the Exchange module, using Exchange Web Services (EWS), that will no longer receive feature updates from Microsoft, but only security updates and certain non-security updates.


The Outlook Mail module can obtain authorization to access the account for your organization and will obtain authorization to:

  • Maintain access to data you have given it access to
  • Send mail on behalf on others or yourself
  • Sign you in and read your profile

The module has also support for support for reading signed mails.

Release notes Lasernet 8.16

Release date: Not available

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed an issue where text could be missing in overlays after migration for older version
  • Added support for absolute paths as a part of the file name when inserting images from SharePoint
  • The expression evaluator evaluation for form criteria returned a wrong result for specific cases
  • Inactivated pattern did not allow further pattern matching for the next pattern

Lasernet XML Transformer Editor

  • The XPath for an XML Transformer form criterion was not handled as expected for XML attributes
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