Pre-release announcement of LAC365FO version

Next release of LAC365FO is Thursday 7th of May 2020.-  LAC365FO version


Bug fixes and enhancements – LAC365FO version


Case no.DescriptionTicket no.
941@LAC365FOSlow performance in the Query-Wizard 
947@LAC365FOKernel bug in Maps class causing dropping field values for extended tables like EcoResProductMaster#13648
957@LAC365FOExport is missing some child tables ( LACMetadataMapping , LACReportGroupReport and LACCRMEntityReportParms )#13759
958@LAC365FOIssue with Zero/Null divisions in the expressions#13778
959@LAC365FOUse of ranges and the option to refresh the metadata when using OData within the Query Wizard#13635
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