Lasernet 9.9 Final

Release notes Lasernet 9.9.5

Release date: 17-10-2020

Mail Input

  • Fixed a issue with an endless logging loop for IMAP when polling

Outlook Mail

  • Fixed a service stop if the connection to could attemp to fail because of a time-out

Release notes Lasernet 9.9.4

Release date: 29-09-2020

Outlook Mail

  • Changed prompt from consent to login

Release notes Lasernet 9.9.3

Release date: 23-09-2020

Lasernet Configuration Server

  • Fix that Active Directory cannot be selected in the Configuration Server if more than 1000 objects in LDAP response

Lasernet Server

  • Rerun query in case of deadlock victim, fixes an issue where the Job Engine was deadlocked on lock resources with another process

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Optimized the link between input objects and XHTML tree after editing of layout in the XHTML Editor
  • Fixed that scripts added to pages, in a sheet, will only be detected and executed for pages included in output
  • Feature: Format Painter support added to tables within the same form

Lasernet Developer

  • Will prohibit to remove the Default regional profiles created by system
  • Feature: Added index number to the configurations listed in the Open Configuration dialog to show order of last used configurations

Mail Input

  • Feature: Added support for moving of an incoming email to a processed folder for IMAP
  • Feature: Added logging for checking Mailbox for new items via IMAP and POP3

One2One Engine

  • Feature: Support for JobInfo substitution added to various fields in UI

Outlook Mail

  • Feature: Added support for reading of signed emails
  • Feature: Added retaining of refresh tokens obtained during processing, allowing restart of service, and patch/deploy of revisions with older refresh tokens

Release notes Lasernet 9.9.2

Release date: 16-07-2020

Lasernet Server

  • Fixed a SQL statement for date handling in service running on servers with German as local language

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed an issue where retrieved images from Sharepoint inserted an empty result
  • Memory usage optimization when rendering EMF
  • Fixed an Base64 issue not being able to render and show encoded GIF images
  • Additional UI controls are now disabled when more then one element is selected in the Edit Rearrange dialog
  • Text combining options button is removed from criteria dialog for XML input forms
  • Fixed an unexpected behaviour on cancelling editing in criterion expression editor
  • Changing the state of "Static" EMF subform option did not prompted for save pop-up when closing form without saving

Lasernet Developer

  • Fix for exporting objects with . (dot) as part of the export name
  • Online Error Logging support is removed, because of a critical service stop in rare scenarios during service start
  • Fixed error message when attempting to export objects and a Database Command references a non-existing connection
  • Fixed an issue with drag'n'drop of a job event destination to other module

Lasernet OCR Editor

  • Added support for rendering of Asian chars

Long-Term Archive

  • Support for TLS 1.2 connection

Outlook Mail

  • Fix for error polling mails in other folders than Inbox in Shared Mailbox

Script Editor

  • Fixed that file object in script would return empty filename after call to open() in unit tester


  • Fixed that download URL did not work via browser for client software

Release notes Lasernet 9.9.1

Release date: 20-05-2020

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed an issue with a missing link to Master Sheet after export/import of forms that contains a region in the conditional area


  • Fixed a memory leak when processing CSV input to output

Outlook Mail

  • Support for incomming emails that contaiins a null character in email subject instead of an empty string

Release notes Lasernet 9.9

Release date: 15-05-2020

Lasernet Config Server

  • Fixed that editing the description for a configuration was not saved

Lasernet Form Editor

  • XLSX sheet name jobinfo substitution support
  • New filter selection tool in Pattern and Rearrange docker window
  • Show focus of all objects assigned to a pattern when a pattern is selected
  • CSS styling support for rearranges containing HTML
  • Support for SVG as vector-based graphics
  • Select and run server based JobInfos in UI
  • Set focus for cursor in Find dailog
  • Fixed that column selection tool for Patterns and Rearranges dialog did not work
  • New feature to continue a table to the End of Conditional area when "Show even if no data" is true and if no data on page
  • Fixed that a "Not" expression didn't worked properly for Rearrange objects when a JobInfo criteria was included as a part of the expression
  • Added new feature to set up multiple conditional areas for label printing on a page
  • Fixed that PDF with hyperlinks in rare senarios could have broken links

Lasernet Developer

  • Added support for download of server grab files from any module in test mode
  • Fixed that it was possible to select commit folders of all grab files if you check a single grab file first
  • Fixed an issue for import of forms to multiple Form Engines
  • Fixed that grab files without an extension was not visible for wildcard *.*
  • Grab files are no longer imported when migrated to Lasernet 9 from an earlier version
  • Thumbnail support added to SubForms
  • Fixed that export of configuration with a deleted and not commited resource file would cause an error message

Lasernet OCR Editor

  • List of languages for the Understand tool are now sorted in alphabetically order
  • Fixed an error "Unable to cast object of type" in the property editor when selecting value of a Criteria after editing value of OCR Field
  • Problem with body lines in some cases when having multiple line types

OCR Engine module

  • Remove of linetype in settings deleted connected OCR Fields, now they will be unlinked only


  • New module to convert from JSON to XML format


  • Support for Graph API
  • Support for shared publicly


  • Support for Graph API
  • Support for shared publicly

Azure Service Bus

  • Multi-threading support
  • Use polling instead of "brokered connections" when fetching messages¬†
  • Added support for inserting a JobInfo substitution syntax as the Connection String in the ASB module


  • Added option to turn off FEAT for FTP(S)

Long-Term Archive

  • Support for upload of metadata without an attachment

PDF Splitter

  • Fixed that splitting PDF file did not work in v9.8


  • Added static conversion from hex string to bytearray for Hash class
  • New function to add a static EMF Subform in Lasernet Form Editor via JavaScript

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