Lasernet 9.10 Final

Release notes Lasernet 9.10.2

Release date: 25-11-2020

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed a missing combobox to select JobInfo for "Attachment JobInfo" option in the Sheet Option -> XHTML settings for XHTML output format
  • Fixed that JobInfo Criteria for output destinations didn't work for JSON input format
  • Fixed that the Form Engine couldn't process XML input jobs that included comment tags in XML structure like <!--This is a valid comment. -->

OCR Engine

  • Added database support for multiple OCR Engines running on the same server for saving of statistics for processed OCR Forms introduced in 9.10.0

Release notes Lasernet 9.10.1

Release date: 11-11-2020

Lasernet Developer

  • Fixed a ZIP file entry error preventing exported modules and configurations to be imported in older versions

Google Drive

  • Upgraded internal web browser used for authenticate Lasernet to Google Drive


  • Upgraded internal web browser used for authenticate Lasernet to Dropbox

Release notes Lasernet 9.10

Release date: 06-11-2020

Lasernet Server

  • Improved deployment method of objects to server, to avoid lock issues caused by 3rd party tools like Anti-Virus, backup tools and Windows Indexing Services
  • Added retry logic in the connection to Azure SQL in case of transient faults, caused by the Azure infrastructure having the ability to dynamically reconfigure servers when heavy workloads arise in the SQL Database service, preventing the Lasernet service to temporary connect

Lasernet Developer

  • Added support for loading certificates from binary JobInfo
  • Added support for Windows environment variables in modules parameters, similar to JobInfo substitution, by adding a % sign as prefix/suffix before and after the environment variable name
  • Added support for multi selection of grab files in the Revert dialog
  • Added support for auto-selected grab files, in the Commit dialog, if they are added or modified and attached to a form selected for commitment
  • Any node, in the Commit/Revert dialog having added or modified objects, are now extracted by default
  • Fixed minor issues for the ordering of multiple item line names configured in the OCR Engine module
  • Fixed an issue pressing CTRL-F in the PDF preview window

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Show SubForms preview as thumbnails for quick access
  • Line height support in Form Editor -> XHTML-StyleSheet
  • Additional details for Master Sheet are added to the detail view in Lasernet Developer -> Form list
  • New "UTC Date and Time" format property added to the Node Template Properties for XML and JSON output elements
  • New JobInfo for "NumberOfPages" in DOCX and PDF output documents, created by the Lasernet Form Editor -> Rich Text, is now created by the Form Engine
  • Extensions for EDI and XLSX grab files are aligned to the format of the content

Lasernet Monitor

  • Search action optimized for large log files

Lasernet OCR Editor

  • Added a feature where hit rate for number of captured OCR Fields are added to a new statistic counter that can be accessed from the Form List dialog in the Lasernet OCR Editor
  • Fixed an issue when showing multi-selected OCR Fields in item lines by using a rubberband
  • Some Danish characters did not look crispy after the introduction for rendering of Asian characters
  • Wizard did not always work as expected when mapping the second OCR Field via the tool bar
  • Number field did not always prompt for number format on line level
  • Fixed an exception that could occur in rare cases when Cancel where selected from the wizard
  • Optimized the presentation of parameters and values in the Lasernet OCR Editor -> Property Editor

Lasernet PDF Filler Form Editor

  • Support for PDF document stored as an external resource for PDF Filler Forms
  • Extended copy grab file functionality added when opening external grab files on disk

Lasernet XML Transformer Editor

  • Extended copy grab file functionality added when opening external grab files on disk
  • Line numbers added to XML input and output views

Lasernet Meta

  • Support for field validation across values in meta fields

Azure Storage

  • Added support for using SAS Tokens as a connection string


  • Changed default 'Response in' to be JobData (and not Nowhere), when default verb is GET for backward compatibilty

Outlook Mail

  • Potential fix for service crash caused by no connectivity at DNS lookup

PDF Merger

  • Added support for including all the file attachments from the incoming merged PDF documents into the final merged output PDF document

Tesseract OCR

  • New beta module for Optical Character Recognition in images in PDF/TIFF documents is now introduced for resellers only

Web Server

  • HTTPStatusCode and HTTPStatusText support for Web Service -> REST and Web Server Preview


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 LocalDB is installed in silent mode during the installation as backend for a statistic tool in the input management solution. The MS LocalDB will soon replace Microsoft SQL Server Compact as the default database backend for all services.

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