Lasernet 9.11 Final

Release notes for Lasernet 9.11.1

Release date: 16-04-2021

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Creating a Pattern and connecting it to an output Region could cause a crash
  • The Sharepoint 365 Graph & Azure Storage SAS connections were not selectable from the Connection tab in 'Form Options' dialog
  • Fixed a crash in XML output mode when right clicking on the XML node to add a new XML template
  • Fixed that JobInfos for PaperHeight and PaperWidth were reversed in landscape mode

Lasernet Developer

  • Removed automatic change from 8080 to 443, in Server -> Client settings, if Secure is enabled
  • Exporting objects from Diagram view, by multi-select with mouse, could cause that modules with multiple destinations where listed multiple times in export file
  • Fixed a crash in Diagram -> JobMode that sometimes could occur when compacting the diagram view
  • When duplicating a form the grab folder was still created even if you cancelled the operation
  • Fixed that the grab folder, belonging to a form, is also renamed when the form is renamed
  • Renaming a form, would rename the folder in the resources view, but all files did not show up until restart of application

Lasernet Client

  • Fix for validation changing to required for non-validated fields

Lasernet OCR Editor

  • Unhandled exception for OCR Editor -> Forms List -> Move to index
  • Fixed a crash when having multiple Check Outs in Dictionary
  • Fixed a issue reporting to log that too many sessions for the Dictionary database were open 

Meta Input

  • Fixed that Meta Input sometimes throughs an error in log during service start that HTTP could not register the specified port number

Mail Input

  • IMAP folder names did not support danish characters like “æøå”

JSON to XML + Form Engine

  • JSON files with UTF-8 BOM was not supported

HTTP Output

  • Fixed that URL parameters with true UTF-8 encoding was not supported
  • Fixed that filter for list of certificates in the CertStore only included certificates suited for servers (like Web Server TLS certificates)

Printer Output

  • Added support for setting priority level parameter in a job printed to Windows printer queue


  • Improved to extract text from more complex PDF’s

FTP Input

  • Fixed that the sFTP protocol also tries to download a folder and not only files

Release notes for Lasernet 9.11

Release date: 05-02-2021

Lasernet Config Server

  • Fixed that the description for an existing user name or group, added to the Configuration Server, could not be changed

Lasernet Portal Server

  • Ignore failing key availability check when selecting certificates that uses another key algorithm than RSA or DSA key

Lasernet Form Engine

  • Fixed an unintended detection of a none existing phrase during template import of a MS Word document by throwing the error "getSheetPhraseUse called with NULL GUID"

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed a crash caused by a stack overflow when running large CSV jobs (100+ MB) through a CSV input form

    Fixed an issue where specific PNG/JPG image were not present in Word output format

    Fixed a backspace key usage issue, causing a crash, in in-place edit mode for Fixed Text objects

    New feature for managing of grid lines, horizontally, vertically or hidden are added to the chart settings

Lasernet Developer

  • An option to exclude grab files is added to a new pop up dialog during export and import of a full configuration
  • Fixed an issue where the input form format, in the list of forms, after migration from an older version, figured as N/A instead of the original input format type
  • Fixed that incorrect form type figured in list of form in specific cases for PDF Filler Forms
  • Changed Log Directory on server settings to be empty with a placeholder when using default log location

Lasernet Client, Meta and OCR Editor

  • Added support for preview of PNG and JPEG formats
  • Added 'Reset Layout' button to Misc. options in Lasernet Client and Lasernet OCR to reset layout and position for docker windows
  • OCR Fields now has their own default band in the column header named OCR

Lasernet OCR Engine

  • Auto capture is a new feature to automatically capture OCR fields by using the OCR Dictionary and built-in AI

Azure Storage

  • Fixed a critical issue that stops the Azure Storage module to save and read jobs on the last day of a leap year (December 31th 2020). End-users running Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the Lasernet Connector or an Azure Storage account must update the Lasernet Server to Lasernet 9.11 or higher before December 31th 2024.

Database Connection

  • Fixed an issue with testing connection for Azure SQL Server

DM Upload

  • DM Upload module for Autoform DM, are added to the Formpipe Lasernet installer and will replace the existing DM Archive module, which no longer will be supported from next major version (Lasernet 10)

Google Cloud Printer

  • The Google Cloud Printer service is not longer supported by Google, from end of 2020, and the module is therefore no longer available in Lasernet

Outlook Mail

  • Added a possible work-around when Graph API incorrectly returns -1 as number of attachments in the email header request
  • Fixed that the new access token was not used, after adding a new module, when browsing for folders in UI

PDF Engine

  • Added support for Thai characters

Tesseract OCR

  • New module released in the Input Management Package for optical character recognition


  • Fixed an issue in Web Server -> Web Service byte array results from array results


  • Added support for adding custom buttons to modules developed via SDK

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