Formpipe Lasernet Support

New Portal

As part of an end to end review of the support and service we offer to all our partners and customers, we are moving to a new Support Portal on the 1st June 2021.
The new portal is hosted at
Details on the portal can be found here.
Details on the migration of tickets can be found here.
If there are any questions about the move or any concerns please email our new email address:

GDPR Statement

Please be aware that you shall pay special attention to remove all personal information on end users from screen shots, text etc. when submitting a ticket via e-mail or creating a ticket via the Formpipe Lasernet Support portal.
Personal information is any kind of information that may be attributed to a person.
If we receive a ticket with enclosed personal information we will reject it, delete and purge it from our systems and ask you to submit a new ticket carrying only anonymized data.

When you use the Formpipe Lasernet Support portal we collect and process personal information about you: Name, Title, Phone Number, Email. This will typically be associated with creating a ticket. Entering the data into our system you explicitly consent to it being processed by us.
This information will be treated confidentially and used to contact you with relevant information. We undertake to collect only information necessary to provide our services to you and commit to complying with our current policies to delete information about you when they are no longer needed.

Normal working hours

Monday - Thursday 09:00 - 17:00 (CET)
Friday 09:00 - 16:00 (CET)

Creating tickets (in prioritized order)

Portal: New Ticket
Tickets can be issued 24 / 7 / 365.
Tickets issued outside of normal working hours will be addressed the first coming work day.

E-mails can be submitted 24 / 7 / 365 to automatically generate a ticket.
Tickets issued outside of normal working hours will be addressed the first coming workday.

Phone: +45 4366 0210
Phone is available during normal working hours only
It is reserved for emergency requests related to production or prior agreed arrangements only

Required information

To allow the Lasernet Support Team to provide you efficient and most competent support, please include the following information in the ticket ul { }
  • One ticket equals one issue only
  • Title describing the content of the ticket accurately
  • Description of the issue in detail
  • Steps to reproduce (the simplest possible steps)
  • Work process causing the issue
  • Screen dumps showing the issue
  • Configuration folder / project folder (please narrow it down so you only send the relevant modules)
  • Input data
  • Grab files
  • Crash dumps
  • Operation system & Operation system bit version
  • AX version including CU / PU
  • Connector version & Connector bit version
  • Lasernet version & Lasernet bit version
  • End Customer
  • Environment (Development, Test, Pre-production, Production)
  • Relevant logon information (VPN / RPC)

Priority level

Priority Target response time Description
Urgent 4 business hours Interruption making a critical functionality inaccessible causing severe impact on services availability.
There is no possible work-around.
Applies to production only
High 8 business hours Critical functionality interrupted, degraded or unusable, having a severe impact on services availability.
No acceptable work-around is possible.
Medium 16 business hours Non-critical function or procedure, unusable or hard to use having an operational impact, but with no direct impact on services availability.
A workaround is available.
Low 32 business hours Application or personal procedure unusable, where a workaround is available or a repair is possible.