• Purpose

    This article provides a solution for how to fetch multiple pdf documents from Sharepoint 365, zip them and upload the zip to Sharepoint 365.


    PDF filenames are present in input data file.

    1. Run a script on the rearrange to fetch the pdfs from sharepoint 365 via Sharepoint Command and save them in a temporary folder based on the JobInfo docno from data. Docno also used to name the file.

    function GetDocumentsAndZip()


    job.setJobInfo("documentname", CurrentText);

    sharepointcommands['SP GetDocuments'].run(job);


    createDirectory("C:\\Lasernet\\8.0\\PDF-Zip\\PDFS\\" + job.getJobInfo("docno"));

    var f = new File("C:\\Lasernet\\8.0\\PDF-Zip\\PDFS\\" + job.getJobInfo("docno") + "\\" + job.getJobInfo("documentname")); 


    f.writeBinary( job.getJobInfoBinary("SharePointSelectResult")); 


    job.setJobInfo("zipfilename", job.getJobInfo("docno") + ".zip"); 


    2. Run a script as a modifier on “after analysis” that calls 2 modifiers, first one using 7-zip to zip the pdfs into temp folder, second one using cmd.exe to delete pdf files from temp folder

    function ZipPDFS()





    3. Run a File Retriever as a modifier “after analysis” to fetch the zip file.

    4. Run a Sharepoint command as modifier “after analysis” to upload the zip file to Sharepoint 365.

    5. Run a process modifier “after analysis” to delete Zip file from temp folder.

    6. Run a process modifier “after analysis” to delete temp folder.

    7. Create rearrange with hyperlink to zip file

    Additional information

    7-Zip needs to be installed

    Small config with all nescessary modules attached.

     Solution applies to Lasernet 8 and Lasernet 9(just import the config and add the grab file)