This article describes the different scenario's for the Lasernet for Dynamics 365 CE. Pick the scenario which fits best to your application and follow the instructions according to the steps described in the related article.

What is Dynamics 365 Customer engagement?

Customer engagement covers the following Dynamics 365 products (

  1. Dynamics 365 Sales
  2. Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  3. Dynamics 365 Marketing
  4. Dynamics 365 Field Service
  5. Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

How does the Lasernet CE connector works and dependencies


Lets start with dependencies; You need to have Lasernet Connector for Dynamics 365 FO installed.

How it works

The Lasernet Connector For Dynamics 365 FO is the engine that is dragging data out of your CE products to be able to produce the required documents.

Its therefor in the Lasernet Connector for Dynamics 365 FO that you create the query and add your entities* for desired fields you want on the CE documents.


Note - that in Customer Engagement products fields are in entities instead of on tables

Read more about Microsoft entities here:


In short - by installing Lasernet Connector for CE you get:

  1. Brand consistency across of Dynamics 365
  2. Simplified print management
  3. Combine data from Dynamics 365 FO and Dynamics 365 CE

Data from multiple sources

It is now easy to join data from Customer Engagement (Entities) and Finance and Operations (Tables) on the same report. You can process the most simple to the most complex output requirements linking data from inside Dynamics with ease.

Preview function

The connector has an integrated preview-function that makes it possible to view the documents before sending them. The previewed document is viewed as the final format.

Consistent branding

Achieve brand consistency on all documents across different areas of Dynamics, regardless of which department produces them.

Improved features with email dialogue

Lasernet connector for CE - adds an email dialog where it is possible to select the recipient, subject etc. These can be customized according to the report to ensure accuracy and consistency. Of course, this can also be set to take place automatically. Attachments can be added to the document with setup via the Lasernet connector settings - without any coding.

Document design

One design tool for all documents across applications. Lasernet makes it easy to implement logos, images and more due to its simple to use graphical interface. When creating a document with Lasernet developer, you can see exactly what is being printed and therefore manage page breaks and formatting in a graphical interface.

Flexible distribution rules in different formats

Lasernet for CE delivers very flexible destination configuration with no coding. It is possible to use many different output channels to ensure that customers receive documents in the desired format such as XML, WORD, CSV and Excel.

Simplified print device management

Lasernet adds a print dialog which provides the option to print to screen, email or print to any printer anywhere, on-premise or via the cloud. Lasernet also offers direct print output to a defined printer, tray or location in “silent” mode.


Regarding: Installation

New installation


Intended for new customers without any prior knowledge or installation

Regarding: Configuration

Transfer CE configuration


Intented for customer who have setup one environment and require the configuration to be transfered.