To be able to migrate the configuration from one environment to another we are required to export the configuration data based on a schema.

Applicable to

Lasernet for Dynamics 365 CE version:



To be able to execute the steps required in this article the following is required:

  • Migration tool for importing and exporting data from and to environments.
  • Previously made export schema.


1. Go to the folder where you previously stored the Data Migration Tool and open the executable.


2. Select "Export data" and press "Continue".

3. Select "Office 365", "Display list of available organizations" and "Show Advanced" and provide the required login information. Afterwards select "Login".

4. Select the organization where the Lasernet connector is installed and press "Login".

5. Provide the schema file previously made and provide a name for the data file )Click the 3 dots and give the name)

6. Select "Export data".

7. Select "Exit".