This article provides a guide to exporting and importing Lasernet reports in AX 2012. The first part of this article shows how to export and import Lasernet reports in the AX 2012 Lasernet Connector. The second part of this article demonstrates how to export and import Lasernet reports in the Lasernet Developer for version 8. More information on these functions is available in the Lasernet Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 - Configuration Manual and the Lasernet Developer manual.

AX 2012 Lasernet Connector


Open Lasernet on AX

Click on Reports


Select the report you want to export, e.g. PO

 Click on EXPORT from the Menu 

The screen below opens with check boxes to select

Select the information you wish to export by ticking the boxes.

If moving between servers do not select:



If you have made changes to the Language text in AX then tick that box as well.

Make sure that the report you are exporting is in the Selected reports box as above.

Under FILE, select the path where to save the exported report information to.

Then click on OK, this will export the data.


Go to the server where you wish to import the data e.g. LIVE

Open AX Lasernet


 Click on REPORTS. The screen below will open.

Select IMPORT from the menu

Browse to the path where you exported the data to. 


Select the file and select OK.

The report will be imported.

Once imported click on Stylesheet and then Refresh from the menu bar


To EXPORT Lasernet Forms

Open the Lasernet developer

Click on FORMS and the above screen will open.

Highlight the Form you wish to EXPORT e.g. Sales Invoice (XML)

Right Click on the report



Choose the folder to export to as above.


Click on Select Folder


The report is exported.

To Import Lasernet Forms

From File menu select Import Objects



Select the Forms you wish to import.


Click on OK


Report will have imported


Then click on Update on the menu bar as below.