The current article provides a step-by-step instruction on how to create a flyout menu as a part of the Lasernet Connector configuration within CE.

1. Start by signing in to your CRM system.

2. On the Sales menu, click the down-pointed arrow to show the navigation menu flyout, and then under the Settings flyout, click Flyouts in the Lasernet list.

As a result, you are redirected to the Active Flyouts page. Follow the steps listed below to create a new flyout.

3. On the Active Flyouts page, click the NEW button.

4. Fill in all the fields as it is shown on the picture below. Once you are done, click the Save icon.

As a result, a new flyout is listed on the Active Flyouts page.

5. In the Active Flyouts list, click a record of the flyout you have just added. You can see the flyout page opens for editing.

6. In the Lasernet flyouts/groups (Flyout) section, click a plus icon to add a flyout/group record.

7. In the dialog displayed, enter a name in the corresponding text box as well as select a group. Once you are done, click the Save icon to save changes.