On the Elements page, you can see how the XML report is build. Here you can add new fields, labels or change the output format for a field in the Type column.


Numbers4,18RealControl decimals in Number of decimals2
Dates01/12/2019DateCustom formatdd/MM/yyyy
Currency codeUSDString


Yes/NoPrices on purchase orderEnum

Date format

There are also a large variety of date formats, so you can set any you want, for example, the one with weekday names or month names, etc.


a. I had a customer setting so much intercompany trading involving several countries with different date formats. To reach consistency, we had to choose one format. As a result, we set the dd-MM-yyyy format for Purchase Orders Confirmation report.

b. A customer had a transportation document where the month name was required. They had created a script replacing 4 with April, 5 with May, etc. I changed their date format to d MMMM yyyy, and as a result, now they got 1 May 2019.


Prices you normally defined as 2 decimals, volume and weight - 3 and 4 decimals, respectively.


If you are to do a calculation in Lasernet developer, make sure you use the String type. To this end, add a field called FIELD_SalesInvoiceTmp_SalesPrice_ISO to you elements. As a result, the number format will never change and it becomes visible in the XML string even if you do not want to use this field for showing, but just for calculating.

Create two element lines with different output format:

As a result, you have the following number formats:

  • 4.18 (notice that a point (.), as a decimal separator, is going to make a java script in Lasernet developer happy) - you use this decimal separator format for calculation;
  • 4,18 (notice that a comma (,), as a decimal separator, is going to make a customer in Europe happy) - you use this decimal separator for mapping to your PDF.

Add Subreport to Elements

In addition, you can add a query report as a field to the main report elements.

For more details about creating a subreport, see the Create SubReport article.

To get a step-by-step instruction how to add a subreport to the main report, see the Add subreport to elements article.