The most important about configuration of Lasernet email destination is knowing the business process and configuration of the emails in the ERP system.

1. A business can have customers with only one single email address for all correspondence (Quotations, Invoices, collection letters, account statement, etc.).

2. A business can have customers with several email addresses differentiated by purpose of the report correspondence (Invoice to the Finance approve workflow, Quotation to the purchase approve workflow, Collection letters to the finance department email.

3. A business can have customers who receives e-invoice meaning they do not want to receive PDF of the document.

4. Fallback destination if there is no email address for the customer.

Make sure you know all before you setup the funnel - so the business you work for, has a transparent overview about what happens, what is needed from their side. When they create a new customer, they know the process and configuration of email in the ERP system - so it fit to your configuration of Lasernet email setup.

Contact Information Purpose

My favorite method to make sure the business is dynamic and I fulfill the email wishes from above; is to use the Contact information purposes

Most of them are out of box, I normally create "Collection letter", "InterestNote"etc. add check mark i "Contact information" so make the purpose visible form contact information.

This form is global covering all legal entities

Configuration in AX: Customer/Contact information. Add new, Type "Email address" - click "Advanced"

Click on the drop down arrow and check mark the purposes this email address should have.

 Now there is purposes that we can catch in Lasernet email destination configuration, so let's go through that:

I like to write in the description: "Email to purpose "Invoice"", "or "extra copy to customers with vat group outside of EU" - to describe the reason these destinations are there.

"Suppress warning", "Priority" and "Find next" is described in 3. Destinations.

Section References is described in 3. Destinations.

Email Parameters

From e-mail, comes from the Lasernet Parameters.


On the "To" you have several possibilities in the drop down menu.

From Contact information = Means the account you have pointed on's -> contact information

From contact and contact information - means the account's contact's -> contact information

From contact - means that you can see all the contacts and then add an query, to select the emails from contacts.

From report - Gives to an overview of ALL fields in the report, for your display - to activate as the the field you want to use as email address.

From code - mean that you can use value expression that will be used as email address

How to Filter on Purpose

1. Use query to get recipients from no to yes.

2. Then click on Filter

3. Then set the following criteria

4. You can now see the the filtered contact information

Available starting with version 6.7.0:

HTML in Email Body

Lasernet Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations includes the option for preparing an HTML (XHTML) email body instead of the plain text in Lasernet Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Below it is illustrated how to add an image to the email body:

Available starting with version 6.8.0:

In Lasernet Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, it is now possible to duplicate the configuration of email subject, email body and placeholders (%1, %2, etc.).

After duplicating, enter the proper language Id.