This article will show a sample of a multipart request in Lasernet 9.


Attached is a Lasernet 9 setup where we receive a XML file and creates 2 documents, a JSON file and a PDF. These are passed to the HTTP module.

There are a couple of mandatory settings so Lasernet can do the multipart request:

Job Combining needs to be activated and configured on the HTTP module.

A Header named Content-Type with a value multipart subtype for example multipart/mixed

A JobInfo named FileName.

The following 2 JobInfo are optional:



In our sample we control this on the Sheets

Additional information

On our HTTP module we are using a test site called webhook.site

If you want to test with this, go to http://webhook.site

This site will create a URL for you

The good thing about this site is that you can see the result.