Working with Replacement reports; when it comes to generating we use the SSRS end point and generate the Replacement instead.
But since we are using the SSRS end point - we need to configure the SSRS report.

In Dynamics (D365fo and AX) all SSRS report which wants to be generated has to be configured in Print management per Module.

Due to Microsoft prod database copy deletes the print management configurations per design - to minimize the chance of sending documents out in test environments, it happens frequently that you have to configure this again and again in a project.

Example Sales Quotation

So you need to go to Accounts Receivable > Setup > Forms > Form setup > General tab > Print management button.
1. Right Click on the Sales Quotation
2. Select new

The report is now printing to destination Default:

Default means that the report it not running in a batch and the user can decide in the printing situation where the print should go. If the report should run in a batch - the settings here should be changed to Lasernet - predefined destinations and the configuration in Lasernet destinations will determine where the report should go. See 3. Destinations for configuration.

Then your SSRS report for Sales quotation is activated. And you will not see the error any longer :).

Below is a matrix over where to find print management for the most used SSRS reports in Dynamics.