The fields on the General FastTab are described in the following table.

No.Unique identifier for the document layout.
DescriptionShort description of the document layout.
DocumentIdentifies a document type for the layout. All are predefined Lasernet documents except for the following: Custom Report – If selected, the Custom Report-related fields become accessible – Custom Reports).
Last Modified DateIndicates the date on which the document layout was last modified.
Last Modified by User IDIndicates who last modified the document layout.

Custom Reports

As previously stated, if the Document = Custom Report, additional fields become accessible on the General FastTab.

The fields within the Custom Report group are described in the following table.

Top DataItem Table No. / Top DataItem Table NameDetermines the table used as the Header table for the document which is necessary to create relations between the tables and the document.

For example, the Issued Reminder Header table is the top data item table for the Reminder document.
Report No. / Report NameDetermines the custom report that has been created for a particular document.