Print buttons are created to make the print or distribution of the document much easier than standard AX. 

With print buttons, you can create a button that does a range of actions for you just like macros in word or excel. 

Improve the users’ way of handling the various output possibilities within Dynamics, as the Print buttons supports both Standard AX and Standard AX with Lasernet Connector. 

Print buttons generates buttons at user or group level. The buttons will fulfill exactly the needs a company has for optimizing workflows. It is possible to decide the content for each button and who is allowed to use the buttons predefined. The buttons can be used for Emails, print, fax or filers in PDF, Tiff, CSV or MS file-standards. 

Using predefined buttons minimizes the risk for error in the process generating output. A predefined button can prevent paychecks from being printed on wrong printers or sent on wrong email addresses. Predefined buttons also prevents invoices being sent to wrong recipients. Here is a sample of three buttons that will print to either Lasernet Screen, Distribute via Lasernet (Predefined destinations) or show an OIOUBL xml file on screen. This is taking from the Sales Confirm Posting window.

Print buttons is included in your Lasernet connector package and can be found in its own module


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