Default values
Clear cache
Clear cache
Create cleanup batch job
Creates a batch job that cleans up temporary DocValue, temporary table buffer, and tables pre-processed in SSRS
Clean up buffer for temporary tables
Empties LACBufferForTmpTables
Expression function
Allows adding and further managing methods/functions
Culture info adjustment

Available starting with version 6.5.0:

Allows specifying, adjusting and overriding the default culture settings, if needed.

Using the option can be useful in a self-service environment or, for example, in cases, when a wrong formatting is applied to numbers (real), date and/or datetime.

It works in the DEV/1Box environment, and it is only an issue in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations self-service environment.

The formats are automatically loaded once entering a culture/language. It is also possible to load default settings to revert back to the existing ones.

Once culture settings are defined, they are applied in the system. It influences, for example, how numbers, date and time values are presented. After a report is executed, a corresponding culture/language ID is specified as the LACReportCultureId value.

Optimize Lasernet logAvailable starting with version

The ResendControllerPack field is added to a separate table to ensure a better performance when opening the Lasernet menu from the journals in standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Table: LACArchiveResendData
Field: ResendControllerPack

The field still exists in the LACArchive table, and it is possible to move information from the existing field into the new table by using the current function.

It includes an option to specify a report name and run it as a batch task
Allow resend to predefined destination
If enabled, allows a user to resend reports to custom ports or destinations defined by a user
Company Information
Company name
Adds a tag with the value defined here to the XML file. You can use it as triggers in Lasernet: e.g., Formpipe Test or Formpipe Dev
Email defaults
From name
A sender name is to be defined here. The field value is used if no other name is specified
From e-mail
A sender e-mail address is to be defined here. The email address specified in the field is used if no other email address is available
Report Life span
Report Life span id
Unique identifier for report life span 
Batch name
Is used for archiving PDF documents. It is very important to specify a batch name, otherwise, Lasernet cannot save PDF to the archive
Associated payment attachment
Allows placing the Giro report to the initiated report: e.g., Sales Invoice, customer account statement etc.

For all settings, the button denoting custom fields can be used. For more details, see the Custom Fields article.