The Process archive life span option allows defining the life span and determining when files are to be moved to an alternative storage.

To access the Process archive life span pane, on the Connections page, click Perform operation, and then click Process archive life span.


To open the page, under Modules, click Lasernet, and then click Connections under the Administration setup group

Only files located in storage
Select a storage (connection) to which files are to be moved. Once the files are moved, records in the Lasernet archive get a reference to the alternative storage.
Only files that supposed to be moved to storage
(Optional). Select a storage. Files are moved to this storage only if it is the same storage as specified in Lasernet > Setup > Report Life span. Files are move to the storage once being expired.

File name filter
(Optional). Specify a report name or a part of the report name (prefix filter).
First calculate how many files will be affected

Specify (the YES status) whether to calculate a number and a size of the files with the option to cancel (the NO status).

The cancellation option allows skipping the update of the references in the Lasernet archive and does not allow moving files to an alternative storage.

Maximum files to process
Specify the maximum number of files to process.
Overwrite existing files
Specify (the YES/NO status) whether to overwrite existing files.

It is possible to define the Report Life span parameters either within the Lasernet setup section (Lasernet > Setup > Report Life span) or for a specific report (Lasernet > Common > Reports).

Documents are moved to the alternative storage once their expiration date has passed. The current system date is used to calculate the expiration date.

To access Report Life span page, on the navigation pane, click Lasernet under Modules, and then click Report Life span under Setup.

The Report Life span value defined under the Lasernet setup parameters on the General tab is used for all reports unless Report Life span is specified for a specific report. To access the Lasernet parameters page for specifying Report Life span, on the navigation pane, click Lasernet under Modules, and then click Parameters under Setup.

To define Report Life span for a specific report, on the navigation pane, click Lasernet under Modules, and then click Reports under Common.