Lasernet > Setup > Administration > Connections

From storage
Define a storage (connection) from which files are to be moved.
To storage
Define a storage (connection) to which files are to be moved.
File name filter
(Optional). Specify a report name or a part of the report name (prefix filter).
Load files older than
Specify a date starting which files are considered older.
First calculate how many files will be affected

Specify (the YES status) whether to calculate a number and a size of the files with the option to cancel (the NO status).

The cancellation option allows skipping the update of the references in the Lasernet archive and does not allow moving files to an alternative storage.

Overwrite existing files
Specify (the YES/NO status) whether to overwrite existing files.
Skip archive update (may break link to archive)

Specify (the YES/NO status) whether to skip the update of the entries/records in the Lasernet Archive.

This option also uses the date from the storage, and no data in the Lasernet archive in relation to the Load files older than option.

Maximum files to process
Specify the maximum number of files to process.