The process for applying a license to an OnPrem is little different compared to applying a license to an Azure-environment.

Please use the following process when adding the license-file - 
And please use the CustomerLicense.txt you have received


Applicable to

  • Lasernet connector for Dynamics 365 FO on-prem


To be able to execute the steps required in this article the following is required:

  • Package containing the Lasernet Connector for Dynamics 365 FO with embedded license.


1. Follow the instructions from Microsoft  to import and deploy the Lasernet Connector to Dynamics 365 FO environment.

  1. Copy the licenses that are generated to a folder on one of the machines that is running fabric:/AXSF, and verify that fabric:/AXSF is healthy.
  2. Run the Import-LicensePackage.ps1 script from one of the AOS machines. You can find this script in the latest Deployment scripts folder on the Model tab in the Shared asset library in LCS. Here is a list of the parameters that you must pass to the script:
    • LicenseFilesPath – The path of a folder that contains the license files that must be imported.
    • SqlUser – The same user who is specified in the credentials.json file to run the AOS.
    • SqlPassword – The password that can be used to connect to SQL.
    • EnvironmentConfigPath – The configuration file for the environment. This file is named config.json and is located under the agent share in a folder that has the format wp\<environment-name>\StandaloneSetup.

The file CustomerLicense.txt is also located in the Lasernet-package