With Data Formats you can create your own type for Decimal (Number formats), Data, Integer, DateTime and Time. This can be controlled per. Language and report.

When you open this form the first time it will be empty, but if you click on the Suggest button, then it will create 6 records for you. This is our suggestion so if it doesn't meet your requirements then please create your own.

If you need any help then you can click on the Help button that will take you to Microsoft's help page.

If you are in doubt about your format, you are able to test it. Select the Test button and a new dialog will open.

The Checked Value (Decimal) input format are controlled by your Region in your My Settings. So the input format that you want to test with will change according to your Region.


If your input format are wrong then you will see this:

When you have defined you Data formats, the next step is to define where you want to use it.

To read more about next step, please follow this link: