In F&O, go to Lasernet>Dynamics 365CE> Entity reports, navigate to the Commands fast tab. Enabling the Register email in D365CE toggle button allows creating activities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. By enabling the Let D365CE send email toggle button, you allow Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement sending emails.

To configure this use the Property name and Property value fields under REGARDING to associate email with the relevant record and send email from Dynamics 365CE. Make sure you have specified the connection ID.

Please refer to Microsoft documentation for Web-API OData reference for the Entity - Field to be included in the property name.

For example, the quote entity in D365CE, the Regarding : Property name and Property Value should be set as shown below.

Select Email as Destination type, specify parameters and submit the OData print dialog button.

Note: Try refreshing Timeline or browser if the email is not showing in the timeline/activity pane.

If D365CE settings does not allow email to be sent to unresolved email recipients, add the recipient as contact. Otherwise, email record will be created in draft state.

User's mailbox is enabled for processing for sending the email successfully.

Better error messages are introduced for the OData statements (D365CE) in LAC365FO version 6.6.0. 

1) Parse & output error-messages when executing OData statements

Having the expression "quote(+Parameters.ParmItemId+)" would throw the following error when submitting the report in LAC365CE/D365CE. Proper expression for the property are "/quotes(" + Parameter.PrimaryItemIds + ")"

2) When submitting an Email from D365CE without permissions it shows meaningful exception

Submit failed! Bad Request emails(9b88ec37-531f-eb11-a813-002248998d35)/Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.SendEmail Error code: 0x8004480d Message: User does not have send-as privilege.