This only works from Connector version !!

This article will take you through how to add BLOB Text field to your report. We are using the Sales Order in this sample.

Before you start this guide, make sure that you have enabled the report in report selection and that you already have a Lasernet Form and that you have enabled Grab mode on your Lasernet server.

1. Sign in for Business Central.

2. In the top ribbon bar, select Lasernet Document Mgt (If you cannot see it as the picture below, then please search for it), then Setup and Document Layout.

3. Add a new Document Layout by selecting the New button.

If you already have a Document Layout for the Sales Order, then please go to the step no. 7 

4. Fill out the header section:

5. Within the Table No. Column, type in 36 for the Sales Header and then select Line and Filters.

6. Add these two records and Close the form.

7. Select Line and then Fields. Add a new record and add field number 200.

8. Close all forms and go to a Sales Order where you have a Work Description or add it to a Sales Order. Please print it to Lasernet.

9. Open your Lasernet Developer and your configuration.

10. Open up your form. We use the Sales Order Confirmation in this sample.

11. Load your grab file. In most cases, you can press F12 and it will download the latest grab file.

12. Scroll down in the left window and locate SalesHeader and the BLOB element. (It is converted to a Base64 string)

13. In this case I will create a Pattern so the rest of the lines can be pushed down depending on the size of the incoming text. So please select the Pattern tool from the left menu and click on the element above the Base64 code.


14. Select the Output tab and change the setting according to the picture below. When done, close the form.

15. From the left menu bar, select the Rearrange tool.

16. Click on the element with the Base64 code and then place the Rearrange where you want it in the right window.

17. Double click on the new Rearrange and select the Object tab then at the bottom of the screen, enable Script.

18. In the lower right windows, please type this: Base64.decode(CurrentText);

19. Enable Run as first pass.

20. Close the form and your layout should look similar to this.

21. Save the form, Commit and Deploy your configuration.