This article provides a guide for what we recommend when posting Shipment and Invoices.

1. Sign in for Business Central.

2. In the top ribbon bar, select the search icon and type in Document Sending Profiles. Select the menu below.

3. Select New from the top ribbon bar.

4. Add this information so it look according to the picture below.

5. Go to Sales Orders and find a record that has not been posted before.

6. Select Posting and then Post and Send...

7. Double check that Printer are selected. Then select Yes.

8. Select what you want to post. In this case we are posting both the Shipment and Invoice.

9. The first document is the Invoice. Select your Lasernet option. In this we select Send E-mail.

10. You are then ask if you want to download the Sales Shipment. Select Yes.

11. Within the Lasernet Option, this time we choose Print and then afterwards we select the desired printer.