Lasernet Test & Performance Suite

The Formpipe Lasernet Test & Performance Suite provides additional functionality for various testing scenarios and Lasernet processing automation. It uses and extends standard D365 Finance & Operations as well as Lasernet functionality. Main components are: • Test ◦ Lasernet report testing – allows users to test Lasernet reports. Testing scenarios can be run manually, in background or as automated tests (using Regression Suite Automation Tool). Testing of the report is comparison of generated report (Result) with stored expected report (Checkpoint). Main purpose of the test is to validate Lasernet report generation after application updates, that could be Lasernet, Custom or Application suite module update. It does not replace Unit testing. ◦ UX testing is based on User Experience through the Process, where Defined automated test scenario is executed, test result is recorded. It uses Task recording feature, together with additional tools. • Performance ◦ Batch printing allows maintain high volume printing with different parallel threading strategy (top pinking and batch bundling)

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